Karma Puja » Hariya - The Rice Beer

Hariya - The Rice Beer

During the occasion of Karam Puja, many rituals are followed to propitiate the KaramDevta. Among many rituals, one is really significant as the entire celebration revolves around the tree of Karam. The branch of the Karam tree is worshipped as the symbol of KaramDevta.

On the day of the festival, young crowd of the tribes goes to the jungle to collect the branches of Karam tree and then the branches are carried to the village by the young girls. This Karam branch is passed among the Karma dancers while singing and dancing. After this ritual, the branch is purified with milk and the Hariya-rice beer and then raised in the middle and is then worshipped with flowers, rice and curd.

The Hariya, rice beer is a local drink made out ofboiled rice. The boiled rice is mixed with Bakhars, which is a typical cookie made out of wheat flour, yeast and certain herbs. This mixture is left to ferment for 2-3 days. Then the Hariya is ready for consumption. This is a form of country liquor, but with a lower alcohol percentage. To celebrate the occasion, people drink this rice beer and enjoy dancing and singing.