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When is Karma Puja

Jharkhand is a state which is a well known for its array of festivals. The state adds more colour to the spiritual canvass of the country. The various festivals are celebrated with all vigour. Thefun and frolic is what makes it more enjoyable. The festivals of Jharkhand are unique as the tribal communities are involved in it. One such festival is the Karma Puja which a considered as the most important festival of the state. Karma Puja is not only celebrated by the tribes of this state but is also an important festival of Bihar, Assam, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Jhargram (West Bengal) and many other states.

The Time of Celebration
Karma Puja dates generally fall in the month of August or September. The auspicious occasion is celebrated on the 11th moon of Hindu month Bhadrapada. The day is considered as very sacred by the tribes like Oraon, Bhijhwari, Baiga and Majhwar.On this day people pray to Karam Devta to get the blessings. Karma Devta, the symbol of Nature, is worshipped as the entire tribal community is mostly dependent on nature for their livelihood. This day is also important for the brothers and sisters as the sisters pray for the well being of their brothers. Even the couples pray to deity for a happy conjugal life. Whatever may be the purpose, Karma Puja is an integral part of the tribal community of various states.

People are always excited to know when Karma Puja is next year.Karma Puja 2018 is scheduled on 20 September which is a Thursday. In Jharkhand it is no more just a restricted holiday. It has been declared as a gazetted holiday by the State government. In 2018 the state is sure to enjoy a long weekend as the celebration falls on Thursday.