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Who Celebrate Karma Puja

The festival ofKarma is celebrated by different groups of people, which includes Mundari, Kharia, Panch, Kurukh, Korba, Nagpur, Santhali, Kurmali, Oraon, Ho and a few more. This festival is celebrated in different forms not only by the tribal group of Jharkhand but also of Assam, Madhya Pradesh, Jhargram of West Bengal, Bihar and Chhattisgarh. The tribes who celebrate Karma Puja consider this as very auspicious as they believe that the God of Fate brings prosperity in their life. In different areas, the festival is celebrated for various reasons by the different communities.

Various Reasons Behindthe Celebration
As the festival is celebrated by diverse groups, it also reflects various thoughts behind the celebration.

  • For the people of Jharkhand, the festival is closely associated with nature. The tribes worship the trees as the trees are the source of livelihood. It is an agricultural festival and so the tribes worship Mother Nature, so that their fields ensure a rich harvest every year.
  • For the people of Assam, the tea tribe community, Karam is the Goddess of creation. The Puja is performed by women for a better conjugal life. She is considered the Goddess of wealth and children.
  • On the other hand, KaramDevta is also considered as the God of power and youthfulness.
  • In some parts, it is popular as a festival of friendship, sisterhood and cultural unity.
  • It is celebrated as a festival of welfare and brotherhood.

The various communities celebrates the occasion with different purposes, but it is the Nature that is unique.